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Award Nutri-Pro (8-0-12 +2%Fe +3%MgO +5.9%Ca +Rootbooster +Te +Lignite +Amino Acids)

Award Nutri-Pro (8-0-12 +2%Fe +3%MgO +5.9%Ca +Rootbooster +Te +Lignite +Amino Acids)

The Nutri-Pro fineturf range contains a combination of conventional release fertiliser with the addition of amino acids, trace elements and the unique Bovey Basin Lignite. The homogeneous 1-2mm micro-granules each contain the same analysis, providing a uniform application and result.

  • Advanced longevity and colour
  • Increased nutrient performance
  • Improved stress resistance and aids recovery
  • Contains the necessary trace elements for healthy turf
  • Prevents trace element deficiency
  • Improved chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
  • Will not produce growth flushes when applied
  • Dust-free micro-granules for an accurate application

8-0-12 benefits:-

A micro granular fineturf fertiliser which can be used during periods of cooler temperatures and throughout the growing season.

This fertiliser is the first fertiliser to include ROOTBOOSTER designed to energise and improve shoot, rootmass and length. The humic acid in the formulation will stimulate microbial activity and help increase the plants stress tolerance.

The added Lignite will increase the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) ensuring nutrients are held longer in the soil making the fertiliser last longer. The naturally occurring Humic and Fulvic acids give support for microbial activity.

  • Contains ROOTBOOSTER to improve root and shoot development
  • Will help stimulate microbial activity to help increase the plants stress tolerance
  • Iron, magnesium & lignite combination gives a quick green up over a longer period
  • Can be used when the grass is growing
  • Amino acids provide a quicker plant response in the early season
  • Will help the plant better cope with the stress of summer play

Size: 20kg

  • Application Rate: 30 - 35 gms/m²
  • Pack Coverage: 571 - 666 m²
  • 82% Ammonical Nitrogen
  • 18% Ureic Nitrogen
  • Kg of Nitrogen@35g: 28 per Ha
  • Kg of Nitrogen@35g: 0 per Ha
  • Kg of Potassium@35g: 42 per Ha