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Award Nutri-Pro Outfield (5-12-12)

Award Nutri-Pro Outfield (5-12-12)

The Nutri-Pro Outfield Range is available in a homogeneous granule 2.5 - 3.5mm for an easy dust-free application. This range is ideally suited to any type of outfield situation.

  • Reliable and uniform performance
  • All contain balanced NPK formulations
  • Two conventional release analysis
  • One controlled release spring and summer analysis
  • Will produce a good colour with rapid nutrient uptake
  • Dust-free homogeneous granule for an accurate application

5-12-12 benefits:-

An analysis for use in the autumn and winter with high levels of phosphate and potassium. This will help promote a hardy plant with good root growth, the low levels of nitrogen will help plant recovery during periods of heavy wear when little growth is available during colder temperatures. This analysis will also make an ideal pre-seeding fertiliser.

  • Provides strong healthy growth for heavy winter use
  • An ideal pre-seeding fertiliser
  • Aids recovery during periods of heavy wear and colder temperatures


Size: 20Kg

  • Application Rate: 35 gms/m²
  • Pack Coverage: 571 m²
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 17.5 per Ha
  • Kg of Phosphate: 42 per Ha
  • Kg of Potassium: 42 per Ha