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Award Surf To Turf (14-0-10+0.5%Fe)

Award Surf To Turf (14-0-10+0.5%Fe)

Surf To Turf liquids are extracts from the seaweed species Ascpphyllum nodosum, harvested from the Atlantic Ocean off South West Ireland. This area is renowned for its pristine waters. Seaweed is rich in natural organic comnpounds, which help turf plants in a number of ways. These include stimulate rooting and compact top growth, thickening and strenghtening cell membranes increasing wear and drought resistance.

A seweed extract rich in trace elements with a zero phosphate analysis. The added chelated iron will give a rapid green-up.

  • Produces an even growth response
  • Will improve drought and stress tolerance
  • Contains chelated iron

 Size: 10tr

  • Pack Coverage:2222 m²
  • Amount of Product Required:45 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:500 - 1000 Ltr/Ha
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 6.3 per Ha
  • Kg of Phosphate: 0 per Ha
  • Kg of Potassium: 4.5 per Ha