Aitkens Turf Update - April



We offer a wide selection of fairway and outfield fertilisers, all have been designed to offer flexibility to the turf manager.

Slow release fertiliser

Two of our most popular slow release products for this time of year are Everris Sportsmaster CRF Mini and the Award Nutri-Pro slow release products. Both these products offer the convenience of available nutrition with slow release forms such as Poly-S and Methylene Urea. These fertilisers will offer 2-3 months release from a single application. Both ranges are economical compared to other slow release products and even some standard release fertilisers.


Organic Fertiliser

There are various types of "Organic fertiliser" available, none however are as rich in organic materials or diversity as Terralift Year Round. Terralift nutrition comes as a bio-dynamic combination of microbially digested nutrients, stable humus, microbe activators, proteins and seaweeds with free-calciums and mineral elements. This will increase grass rooting and density, hold grass on ball landing areas and maintain coverage and colour.


Liquid Fertiliser

We offer a wide selection of liquid nutrition in our portfolio. One of our most popular ranges is the Award Nutri-Pro liquid range. This range contains controlled release nitrogen, Amino Acids, Trace elements and phosphite. All ensuring that the plant is more tolerant to stress, encourages deeper, healthier rooting and will not produce growth flushes when applied. This product is available in 10Ltr, 200Ltr and 1000Ltr drums.

Latest News

Successful Seminar at York Racecourse

We had a very well attended educational seminar at York Race Course on the 22nd March.


Award Osprey Sport

A new wetting agent specifically designed for fairways and sports outfields. It contains 3 different surfactants giving spreading, penetrating and rewetting.


The Ultimate Fairway Package

Back by popular demand this package will supply enough nutrition, Primo Maxx and spray nozzles for an average 18 fairways.




We have developed the BLADE range of grass seeds in conjunction with the world's largest grass breeding and production company DLF Trifolium. This means that we can offer the very best, top-rated cultivars available.

Mixture Quality


The Blade range has been developed to specifically give the turf manager the best possible cultivars and mixes available.

Quality control is carried out at every link of the production process. All material is carefully monitored upon receipt at the processing plant. Then all seed is processed at modern cleaning facilities and samples are analysed at an approved certified ISTA laboratory. The Blade seed mixes are produced in the UK in dedicated rye and rye free mixers.

Most importantly the Blade range offers the highest possible levels of quality. The seed industry currently has two standards for quality. The EEC Standard and the HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard). These standards provide a higher level of purity and germination. The Blade range has been developed to surpass these existing standards of quality by producing F1 CULTIVARS. The cultivars used in the Blade range are retested prior to use by independent labs to standards in excess of the HVS which take the seed to the new F1 CULTIVAR level.


Featured Products

Fertilisers (Granular)
Outfield Fertilisers

ICL Sportsmaster Mini CRF Active (15-5-15+2%MgO+2%CaO)

Fertilisers (Granular)
Outfield Fertilisers

Terralift Sports Grass 6-2-8

Grass Seed and Turf

Blade 2 (Golf Greens, Bowling Greens)


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