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Latest News

Maxximum Protection

These two fantastic offers will provide maxximum protection against Anthracnose & Microdochium Patch


Wentworth - Retirement of Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy, Golf Courses Manager will be retiring from his position after 22 years exemplary service.


Farewell To Nairn's Keeper Of Greens

Following a dramatic conclusion to the 37th Curtis Cup, a ceremonial changing of the guard has taken place at The Nairn Golf Club.


With all the wet weather even in summer there can be problems with localised drainage. It is ideally used to provide full drainage systems, bunker drainage, path edging and puddled areas.

Aquadyne is a unique sustainable drainage medium which offers exceptional performance with a range of additional physical and practical benefits.

Aquadyne is range of drainage products from Econoplas which are 100% recycled, manufactured using low-energy technology and creating 0% waste. Every 200 Aquadyne panels save up to 2 tonnes of carbon.

Aquadyne offers a 20% greater drainage capacity than gravel and has a percolation rate 10 times greater than sand.  Aquadyne has an open pore surface area of 50% compared with perforated pipes which have just 5%.

Aquadyne can be incorporated into a wide range of existing systems and applications; offering an exceptional yet simple sustainable solution.


5 unique benefits of Aquadyne

  • Much easier to install because the trench required is dramatically shallower and narrower than with traditional methods. In reasonable conditions up to 1000 m can be laid in a single day. 
  • Much more efficient because the scientifically proven flow rate of water through each panel is up to 10 times that of sand and because Aquadyne will not clog. 
  • Much more economical because 6 years of installations have proven in the UK, Europe and USA, that installation of Aquadyne panels can work out 20% less expensive and requires 75% less weight of material being carried to site. 
  • Much more durable because the panels do not degrade, can take up to 1000 tonnes per m2. with no noticeable reduction in performance and do not clog, there is less need to re-new installations in the foreseeable future.
  • Much Greener because the panels are made from 100% post use re-cycled material, every 200 Aquadyne panels save up to 2 tonnes of carbon.


Featured Products

Sands and Top Dressings and Drainage
Drainage Materials

Aquadyne Drainage Material

Growth Regulators

Syngenta Primo Maxx (MAPP 13374)

Soil Amendments & Biostimulants

Terralift Rocastem

Selective Weedkillers

Barclay Holster XL (MAPP 16407)

Ground Maintenance
General Hand Tools



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