Aitkens Turf Update - March

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  • Wetting Agents
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Latest News

Welcome to our new website!

We hope you will enjoy having a look around our new website and looking at many of our new features.


The Ultimate Fairway Package

Back by popular demand this package will supply enough nutrition, Primo Maxx and spray nozzles for an average 18 fairways.


New Qualibra wetting agent

Qualibra is an exciting new concept in wetting agent technology. With Qualibra, water quickly moves away from the surface, and then is held more evenly and to greater depth within the root zone for better utilisation by turf plants.


Award Osprey Sport

A new wetting agent specifically designed for fairways and sports outfields. It contains 3 different surfactants giving spreading, penetrating and rewetting.


Wetting Agents

After a very dry 2011 and start to 2012 it is important to start any wetting agent programms early. The early preloading of the rootzone with a quality wetting agent will prove invaluable as the season progresses. This is vital as building up early applications will help areas which regularly get dry patch before the first signs start to appear.

Wetting agents such as Award Osprey Active also contain:-

  • A full application of Amino Acids which will help the plant cope and recover from stress
  • Rootbooster root stimulant designed to increase root hair and volume
  • Penetrant wetting agents to help move water through the profile
  • Spreading wetting agents to maintain the correct moisture levels where required
  • Concentrated molecules which remain 100% active after 30 days, unlike others which can typically lose up to 20% of their effectiveness   

Featured Products

Wetting Agents

Vision Hydrofusion Granules

Wetting Agents

Vision Hydrosport

Grass Seed and Turf

Blade 2 (Golf Greens, Bowling Greens)


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