Aitkens Turf Update - September

Welcome to our September issue of Aitkens Turf Update!


It is now coming to the time of year for end of season renovation for both cricket and bowling clubs. We can offer a wide range of products specifically for your requirements which includes seed, fertiliser, loam and top dressing. (See below)



Latest News

First Choice For Disease Control

Since gaining approval three years ago Instrata has become first choice for fast, effective disease control.....


Maxximum Protection

These two fantastic offers will provide maxximum protection against Anthracnose & Microdochium Patch



We offer a wide range of loam including:-

  • Boughton County Loam
  • Boughton Club Loam
  • Boughton Kaloam
  • Boughton Kettering Loam
  • Ongar Loam
  • Mendip Loam (Sterilised & Sifted)
  • Essex Loam
  • Surrey Loam
  • Surrey & Essex Mix Loam

The Boughton Loam have been manufacturing cricket loams for over 25 years ensures a consistent cricket loam that can be relied upon.

All four of Boughton's cricket loams (County, Club, Kaloam and Kettering) produce quality, hard, consistent, pitches with good bounce and carry.



Rufford 1742 bagged top dressing is renowned for quality and consistency. Over the years we have supplied this top dressing to bowling greens throughout the country, with most customers coming back year after year due to the product quality.



The Blade grass seed range is a premium quality range of mixtures. Together with the worlds largest amenity grass seed breeding and production company, we can now offer the very best, top rated varieties available.

Blade 2 - Is the ultimate bowling and golf green seed which will give an exceptional tolerance to close mowing. Combined with an outstanding shoot density and fine leaved appearance.

Blade 8 - A mixture designed to give rapid establishment with extreme wear tolerance and recovery. Outstanding shoot density and proven tolerance to close mowing makes this mixture idael for cricket wickets, golf tees and tennis courts. This mix is used at many county cricket grounds.



We offer a wide selection of fertilisers suitable for all types of surfaces. We carry ranges including Award, Terralift, Scotts / Everris and Vitax.

Award Ultima - A unique organic and mineral nutrient complex, it is both cost effective and environmentally superior to competing fertilisers. The range consists of four products two of which are suitable for autumn use.

Award Nutri-Pro - The fineturf range contains a combination of conventional release fertiliser with the addition of amino acids, trace elements and the unique Bovey Basin Lignite. The homogeneous 1-2mm micro-granules each contain the same analysis, providing a uniform application and result.

Featured Products

Sands and Top Dressings and Drainage
Cricket Loams

Club Loam

Sands and Top Dressings and Drainage
Cricket Loams

Ongar Loam

Sands and Top Dressings and Drainage
Top Dressings

Rufford Top Dressing

Grass Seed and Turf

Blade 2 (Golf Greens, Bowling Greens)


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