Rufford Bunkermaster Replaces Rufford Moneystone (OMR) Bunker Sand

To all Agronomists / Advisors,


As professional advisors I am sure you are aware of the closure of the Quarry extracting Moneystone Bunker Sand (OMR).


This situation has left many golf courses with a decision to make regarding their choice of bunker sand for maintenance purposes.


The amelioration of non suitable sands with Moneystone (OMR) is a situation we are aiming to avoid. With this in mind Ruffords have spent a number of months in their labs blending and testing sands for their suitability for amelioration into Moneystone sand.


Rufford Bunkermaster sand has been blended to achieve compatibility with Moneystone and also as a standalone bunker sand and has been used at a number of courses to their satisfaction.


I hope the information above may be of assistance and please find below a link with the specification sheet and product information.

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