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Vision Nutri-Smart 9-5-6+1%Fe+11%CaO

Vision Nutri-Smart 9-5-6+1%Fe+11%CaO

Vision Nutri-Smart Outfield comprises of three fertiliser analyses; a spring & summer, autumn & winter and a slow release option. All three products are available in a homogeneous 2.5 - 3.9mm granule for an easy, dust-free application. This granulation ensures that every granule contains the same analysis and will provide a uniform application and result. All three analyses are suited to any outfield situation.



  • All contain balanced NPK formulations
  • Two conventional release analyses
  • One slow release analysis
  • Reliable and uniform performance
  • Will produce a good colour with rapid nutrient uptake
  • Dust-free uniform granulation for an accurate application



  • Promotes good colour without excessive growth
  • Contains iron for turf hardening and will enhance turf colour
  • Balanced NPK formulation to aid recovery during the playing season
  • Quality uniform granule will ensure a quick plant response without excess growth 


Nutrient applied at 

                                35g/m2 N - 31.5  P - 17.5  K - 21 Kg/Ha

N breakdown    100% Ammoniacal 

Pack size              20Kg

Application rate 35 g/m2

Pack Coverage  571m2

Suggested period of use: Mar - Sep