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Terralift T-Plex NK (12-1-8)

Terralift T-Plex NK (12-1-8)

T-Plex controlled release fertilisers are an innovative tool to take control of colour and growth throughout the year. T-Plex "sticks" for good leaf absorption and its acids optimise tissue translocation, whilst run-off retains high "in soil" mobility.

T-Plex liquids are true solutions, not suspensions, meaning that each drop contains exactly the same nutrient mix as the next.

T-Plex NK will optimise nutrient balance for mid-season short mowing and strengthen the leaf for pressured autumn play.

  • Lift growth from early season dormancy
  • 6 to 8 week in-plant metabolic release phase
  • Chelated agents and acids ensure leaf absorption


Size: 20 Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:2000 - 5000 m²
  • Amount of Product Required:40 - 100 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:240 - 600 Ltr/Ha