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Vitax Evenspray Professional

Vitax Evenspray Professional

This is the replacement of the Evensprey 300, a battery powered, pedestrian operated spray machine with a 50L tank ideal for larger or multiple greens.  The spray boom can be folded in three so it can fit through a standard sized doorway and the spray head has individual isolation functionality so as not to waste any product on the smaller, more narrow areas.  The return to tank agitator ensures product is always mixed and does not settle at the bottom of the tank. 

NB: never use this function to mix the product - always pour pre-mixed product into the spray tank so as not to damage the sprayer.

• 2 metre spray-boom with a 2.5 metre spray width
• 50 litre-tank
• 5 spray nozzles
• 3 quick change nozzle heads
• Spray head isolator function
• Multi nozzle spray heads
• Return to tank agitator
• Folding boom