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Award Osprey Active

Award Osprey Active

A unique concentrated soil surfactant providing increased stress resistance, to ensure healthy uniform turf under stress conditions with increased root stimulation.


  • Concentrated soil surfactant with unparalleled curative and preventative properties
  • Osprey Active will still be 100% active, other wetting agents will typically loose up to 20% of their effectiveness after 30 days 
  • Full application of amino acids to prevent stress associated with heat and drought
  • Rootbooster will increase the plants water holding capacity
  • Precise uniform wetting of the rootzone providing the perfect balance of water to air ratio
  • Early application will help boost plant metabolism to ensure the plant grows more effectively at low temperatures
  • Increased rate of photosynthesis
  • Improved seed germination, root development and vigour
  • Ideal for links courses as amino acids will help the plant cope with salinity problems
  • Exceptional turf safety, non scorch
  • Dew dispersal post application
  • Tank mixing options available with the Award range (See tank mixing compatibility chart in brochure)

Dry patch occurs when waxy coatings from decaying organic matter is deposited on sand particles in the rootzone, these waxy coatings are not easily broken down and the particles become water repellent (commonly known as hydrophobic or dry patch).

When water cannot enter the rootzone and re-wet the soil the plant becomes stressed, this results in the reduction of available moisture to the plant and nutrient availability is inhibited as water is required to dissolve nutrients. Under optimum growing conditions, plants synthesize their own L-form amino acids using a significant amount of energy, in periods of stress, e.g. drought and heat, the plant decreases or stops the synthesis of L-form amino acids. Energy is diverted into surviving which contributes to the reduction of rootmass and the quality of the plant.

The surfactant

Osprey Active contains a surfactant blend designed to work in two ways:-

  • Preventative action
  • Curative action


The blend of premium concentrated surfactants have been designed to be applied monthly to form strong lasting bonds with hydrophobic soil particles. Due to the improved concentration of the formulation after thirty days Osprey Active will still be 100% active, other wetting agents will typically loose up to 20% of their effectiveness after 30 days. Therefore by regularly applying at 30 day intervals there are no peaks and troughs in
performance when using Osprey Active. This mode of action ensures the product is distributed uniformly within the soil profile and will provide the correct consistent moisture to air ratio in the rootzone. 


By using a premium penetrant and re-wetting agents Osprey Active will now offer unparalleled curative control of dry patch, the penetrant allows Osprey Active to move deep through the most repellent soils allowing the re-wetting agents to follow behind ensuring the area remains receptive to water in the future.

Amino Acids

The concentrated formulation of surfactants has allowed for a full application of 18 L-form amino acids into the product, the addition of supplemental amino acids allows the plant to save energy during periods of stress and can function as normal. Energy is not diverted to other areas ensuring a healthier plant. Applying early in the season it is possible to precondition the plant prior to any stress and it will allow the plant to work more effectively at lower temperatures. The amino acids help increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to an increased level of photosynthesis, amino acids also help the leaf stomata function more efficiently reducing transpiration and plant water loss.


A unique bio stimulant, which promotes the production of growth hormones resulting in significant increase in root hair development by up to 22%. Root hairs are hair-like outgrowths of some surface cells that greatly increases the area available for absorption of water and other materials.

Rootbooster  will also increase in rootmass in conjunction with the amino acids. Grass uses its roots as a reservoir to store water for its own use, if you can increase the plants
rootmass  (water reservoir) the plant has the ability to hold and store more water which is vital during periods of drought. This leads to a more drought resilient plant, by increasing rootmass the plant is able to absorb greater quantities of nutrients from the soil and have
increased wear tolerance over shallow rooting turf.


Fairy Ring

The latest and most up to date soil surfactant on the market. Osprey will encourage uniform wetting of the soil profile throughout periods of stress which will help the water movement throughout the soil. Osprey also has the added benefit of stimulating root growth resulting in the plant being able to withstand droughts. The plant will also be able to absorb greater quantities of nutrients from the soil and withstand wear better.


  • Consistent Moisture In The Rootzone
  • Improved Root Growth & Vigour
  • Dew Dispersal Post Application
  • Exceptional Turf Safety ( Non Scorch)
  • Improver Soil To Water Ratio


Size: 5 / 20 / 120 /200 / 1000Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:5Ltr - 2500 / 20Ltr - 20,000 / 120Ltr - 60,000 / 200Ltr - 100,000m²
  • Amount of Product Required:20 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:700 Ltr/Ha