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Everris / Scotts Qualibra

Everris / Scotts Qualibra

Qualibra is an exciting new concept in wetting agent technology. With Qualibra, water quickly moves away from the surface, and then is held more evenly and to greater depth
within the root zone for better utilisation by turf plants.

Qualibra is a further advance in water management technology to help create consistently better quality turf that will enhance the playing experience.


  • Maintain plant health and playing surface quality
  • Prevent damaging dry patch developing
  • Make better use of irrigation resources
  • Retain healthy root mass

Size: 10Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:10Ltr - 5000m²
  • Amount of Product Required:20 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:500 - 1000 Ltr/Ha