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New Qualibra wetting agent

22 Feb 2012

New Qualibra wetting agent

Qualibra is an exciting new concept in wetting agent technology. With Qualibra, water quickly moves away from the surface, and then is held more evenly and to greater depth within the root zone for better utilisation by turf plants.

What makes Qualibra more effective?

Qualibra combines a unique and dynamic penetrant to move moisture, with a powerful polymer to hold moisture. Most current wetting agents are either just a penetrant type - with small molecules designed to move water away from the surface quickly, but not hold it - or large molecule block co-polymers, which hold water effectively but are not so effective at moving and distributing it through the root zone.

Qualibra has been designed with the ability to quickly move water away from the surface - to retain firm playing surfaces - then hold moisture deeper and more evenly in the root zone to prevent dry patch forming and invigorate root and plant health.

The colour of health
The result of the turf safety and enhanced plant health has seen Qualibra treated turf retain green colour for longer under the most testing conditions. STRI visual appraisal of treated turf at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, showed the colour of unirrigated fairway-type turf retained at 63% in mid-summer assessments, compared to an unacceptable 45% on untreated areas.


Potential for more efficient irrigation
Further trials have shown that Qualibra treated soils retain moisture more effectively in the root zone and can make better use of irrigation resources.

After 10 mm irrigation on a hydrophobic dry soil core of a typical sand used in green Construction, soil moisture content was 50% higher with Qualibra, compared to the average with existing wetting agents tested.

Qualibra returned the soil to optimum 15-20% moisture content after 19 mm of irrigation - over 25% better perfromance than other wetting agents. In fact, with some other wetting agents over 50% more irrigation would have been required to get the soil back to the desired moisture content.


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