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Maxximum Protection

05 Jul 2012

Maxximum Protection

These two fantastic offers will provide maxximum protection against Anthracnose & Microdochium Patch

New research undertaken with extended replicated trials at the STRI and supported by R&D at Everris and Syngenta reseach facilities have provided the knowlege of how to increase disease control.

There are now two packages that have been specifically chosen from these results to provide maxximum protection:-


Anthracnose Control Offer

1 x 3Ltr Banner Maxx

200Ltr Greenmaster Liquid Spring & Summer (12-4-6+Te)

for only £999.00 (RRP £1541.24)


Microdochium Control Offer

1 x 3Ltr Heritage Maxx

10 x 20Kg Sierraform GT K-Step (6-0-27+2%MgO)

for only £999.00 (RRP £1404.20)


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