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First Choice For Disease Control

04 Sep 2012

First Choice For Disease Control

Since gaining approval three years ago Instrata has become first choice for fast, effective disease control.....

Instrata contains three high performance actives from three different fungicide groups - combining fludioxonil, chlorothalonil and propiconazole for fast and effective defence and attack.

Instrata has been proven to give effective and persistent control of Fusarium Patch, Anthracnose and other turf diseases. The result in independent UK trials has been consistently better turf quality up to six weeks after application.

Instrata contains fludioxonil - the exciting contact active ingredient from Syngenta. The first new contact fungicide for turf for over 30 years, fludioxonil sets a new standard in long-lasting efficacy for turf disease control.

The triple action of Instrata, including two multi-site contact active ingredients, will significantly reduce the risk of fungicide resistance developing and will prove an important element of any Integrated Turf Management (ITM) programme.

Instrata is a high performance, simple-to-use fungicide that is exceptionally well suited to maintaining consistently higher playing surface quality for golf courses and bowling greens all year-round.

  • Can be used at any time of year
  • Works fast on all stages of disease attack
  • Controls key turf diseases
  • Essential contact and systemic action

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