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Bayer’s Interface® wins European Innovation Award

19 May 2014

Bayer’s Interface® wins European Innovation Award

Bayer’s newest turf fungicide, Interface®, is successfully penetrating the market across Europe.

Within less than one month of its launch in the Netherlands, the product has been honoured with the NWST Innovation Award in the Turf Maintenance category.

Interface's launch in the Netherlands drew on many aspects of the UK launch. The Dutch accolade mirrors some of the 'grass roots' feedback from UK greenkeepers on the strengths of the product, that was introduced here in 2013.

"The UK and Holland experience very similar climates," says Bayer's Product Manager Claire Matthewman. "As a result, the turf suffers many of the same stresses caused by damp and humid conditions, which demands a powerful fungicide to protect against fungal turf disease, such as Fusarium."

Bayer's Interface® has been especially formulated with StressGard™ Formulation Technology to not only offer robust protection from disease, but also to raise the turf's defences and alleviate the everyday stress burden - such as extremes in temperature and player traffic.

Like many testimonials that are emerging from the Netherlands, the head greenkeeper at Thornhurst Park Golf Club in South Yorkshire explained that during his pre-launch trial, he experienced very positive results with Interface®.

"It kills the pathogen immediately. I've noticed a considerable greening up effect on the greens I've tested and there seems to be more vigour to the turf compared to the greens that didn't receive the product, which is excellent."

The award hosts, NWST, publishes two leading specialist Dutch trade publications for golf and sports field managers; Greenkeeper and Field Manager. The publishing house initially shortlisted 30 innovations in three categories; sports turf maintenance, artificial turf and machines. In the sports turf maintenance category, Interface® was directly chosen by greenkeepers and field managers as their favourite golf solution.

John Hall, Bayer's Commercial Technical Manager for Europe and Japan, explains how word on new innovations spreads very quickly in Holland due to the close community of 200 golf courses.

Dick van Brienen, Bayer's Marketing Manager in the Netherlands, believes that the award is testimony that greenkeepers do not see Interface® as a normal fungicide, but recognise the innovation of StressGard™ Formulation Technology. "We're delighted to have received this accolade in Holland, and hope Interface's popularity continues to grow."


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