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Holster XL proves deadly to weeds but gentle on turf

11 Mar 2015

Holster XL proves deadly to weeds but gentle on turf

Rob Clare Course Manager of Brough Golf Club, is delighted with the results of his weed control programme.

After applying the selective systemic herbicide Holster XL on his greens, hardy weeds such as Daisy, Slender Speedwell, Dandelion, Creeping Buttercup and Clover have all but disappeared.

Like all turf professionals, Rob Clare Head Greenkeeper is no stranger to the tricky question of tackling weeds. Over the years he has tried many products with varying degrees of success. He is mindful that chemical control measures can often be tough on turf, and slow in killing weeds.

"We applied the Aitkens Holster XL to the greens last year knowing it's a very effective method of weed control" said Rob. "The unexpected bonus is that it has no damaging after effects on the turf."

Steve Hardwick is Aitkens Technical Sales Representative "I have worked with Rob for many years and although I know this product is effective in the fight against certain weeds. It contains three powerful weed killing ingredients, while at the same time has a very low impact on the surrounding grass."

This is one of the many strengths of Holster XL. It is gentle on grass. This is an important factor to the golf and sports industry which has to maintain the aesthetics of the greens as well as minimising surface disturbance. Holster XL can be safely applied to new grass after only two months growth.

Holster XL is a popular choice with greenkeepers and amenity groundsmen because it is an effective weed killer despite very low application rates. Once sprayed it is absorbed through the leaf of the plant and rapidly translocates through the stem and ultimately to the roots, killing the weed.

Rob adds "We all know that many of these hardy weeds can tolerate very close mowing and often spread very quickly. I am delighted with the effectiveness of Holster XL. We don't need to apply loads of it for it to work so it's an economic choice too."

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