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Vision MixMe Spray Enhancer

Vision MixMe Spray Enhancer

Mix-Me Liquid Spray Enhancer is designed to ensure maximum leaf up take of liquid fertilizers, biostimulants and other turf management products. The product can be used in many situations where fast and efficient uptake of foliar products is critical. Mix-Me contains compatibility agents and has excellent general tank mix properties and will tank mix with most liquid products in the Vision range.


  • Enhances leaf retention of turf management products
  • Enhances leaf penetration and leaf coverage
  • Improves rain fastness
  • Highly compatible with other turf management products


Mix-Me contains humectant, this allows turf management products to resist drying even after the aqueous spray solution has evaporated under high climatic conditions. These nutrients are free to diffuse and penetrate leaves and allows a stable and constant release of nutrients into
the leaves.

  • Improves uptake under hot, dry conditions, or when the spray solution has dried.
  • A surface acting polymer, which allows excellent spread ability on the leaf, allowing for complete coverage.
  • Improves rain fastness.

Spreading & Pentrant Polymers

Mix-Me contains a co-formulated blend of spreading and penetrant polymers, this ensures complete coverage of the leaf and aids the spray to penetrate through the plant cuticle. A larger surface area and an increased penetration, allows an efficient uptake by the plant and increased efficiency of the product.

Complexing, Chelating & Compatibility Agents

Mix-Me contains a natural complexing and chelating agents, this ensures that nutrients and tank mixed turf management products are more available for uptake and translocation by the plant.
Mix-Me compatibility agent ensures efficient uptake and produces stable complexes over a wide pH range. This makes it the ideal tank mix partner with other turf management products.


1Ltr of MixMe treats 100Ltr spray solution

Pack size 5Ltr

Pack coverage 500Ltr spray solution




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