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Vision Dewlift

Vision Dewlift

A dew dispersant for use on all turf types.

A concentrated formulation of specially selected polymeric surfactants. The two surfactants have a twin mode of action; firstly they are very effective at reducing the surface tension of water molecules thus preventing dew formation; secondly they have a very strong binding capacity, which enables them to attach to the surface of the leaf giving superior longevity to other dew control products.

Dewlift is most effective when applied to a dry turfgrass surface. Typically Dewlift will disperse dew for 7-14 days after application. This may vary due to many factors such as dampness of grass at the time of application, temperature severity of dew, mowing frequency and type of turfgrass treated. 


  • Will disperse dew for 7-14 days
  • Reduces the need for switching dew from greens early in the morning
  • Use as part of a program to help minimize the risk of disease
  • Two way mode of action Ideal 
  • In winter to keep greens frost free

Size: 5Ltr

  • Pack Coverage: 5Ltr - 5,000m²
  • Amount of Product Required: 10 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required: 400 Ltr/Ha