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ICL Greenmaster Pro-Lite Turf Tonic (8-0-0+2%Fe+1.7%Mg)

ICL Greenmaster Pro-Lite Turf Tonic (8-0-0+2%Fe+1.7%Mg)

This spring starter and summer tonic feed works well at low soil temperatures. It can be used at any time of the season. Iron and magnesium helps to deter moss and aids turf hardiness. 

  • Mini-granule
  • Ideal early season starter
  • Contains Iron and magnesium

Size: 25Kg

  • Application Rate: 35 gms/m²
  • Pack Coverage: 714 m²
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 28 per Ha
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 0 per Ha
  • Kg of Potassium: 0 per Ha