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Vision Ultimax-S 14-1-6+2%MgO+8%CaO

Vision Ultimax-S 14-1-6+2%MgO+8%CaO

Ultimax-S has been developed using the most highly efficient method of controlled composting, a process that fully bio-converts the organic matter with the minimum of inert fibre inclusion.  The carefully selected food residues have been selected to carry all the constituents needed to maximize the production of amino acids, humate acids and plant growth regulators.

  The composted material is then infused with a composted seaweed inclusion and wrapped with a liquid seaweed. Seaweed has a long history of helping to build and maintain soil fertility and plant health; many competent products contain seaweed or its derivatives. The seaweed will rehydrate on contact with soil moisture giving an initial liquid seaweed boost, followed by extended seaweed response from the composted seaweed inclusion in the granule.

  The discovery that the skilful combining of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed with food organic complex in a managed compost system, produces a multiplying of their individual capabilities. The plant benefits by surprising gains in grass vigour, colour and growth, bringing us to a new level of appreciation for these two ingredients.

  • A high nitrogen spring and summer fertiliser without soft top growth
  • Contains natural amino and humic acids with trace elements
  • A fertiliser ideally suited where low phosphate levels are required
  • Contains trace elements within the organic complex


Nutrient applied at 

                                25g/m2 N - 35    P - 2.5  K - 15 Kg/Ha

                                30g/m2 N - 42    P - 3       K - 18 Kg/Ha

                                35g/m2 N - 49    P - 3.5  K - 21 Kg/Ha


Suggested period of use: Mar - Sep

Size: 20kg

  • Application Rate: 25 - 35 gms/m²
  • Pack Coverage: 571 - 800 m²