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ICL Sportsmaster Mini CRF Start (19-19-5+2%MgO+Te)

ICL Sportsmaster Mini CRF Start (19-19-5+2%MgO+Te)

A fertiliser containing a combination of controlled release fertiliser technology with compound granular technology. The controlled release technology leads to regular growth without peaks. The uncoated portion of this fertiliser allows an immediate response from the turf. 
The range is designed for use on turf cut above 6mm, so it is ideal for use on tees, fairways, sportsfields and amenity turf. 

Poly-S Technology

Poly-S is Scotts controled release (CRF) technology for nitrogen fertilisers. Nitrogen granules are coated first with the valuable plant nutrient, sulphur, then wrapped in a unique, biodegradable, polymer membrane. This ensures nutrients are released slowly over time.

  • Ideal during over-seeding period or when laying turf
  • Controlled release nutrients minimise risk of burning to young grass
  • High phosphate content promotes strong root growth
  • Trace elements for enhanced turf health
  • Longevity 2-3 months

Size: 25Kg

  • Application Rate: 20 - 35 gms/m²
  • Pack Coverage: 714 - 1250 m²
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 38 per Ha
  • Kg of Nitrogen: 38 per Ha
  • Kg of Potassium: 10 per Ha