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Aitkens Liquid Ammonium Sulphate

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A liquid fertiliser used for its acidifying effect. The finer grasses such as fescues and bents prefer a pH of below 5.5 whereas annual meadow does not. Therefore using this as a liquid feed you can help discourage annual meadow grass. This liquid is perfect for the latest agronomy advice concerning the "Disturbance Theory"

  • Use to discourage annual meadow grass
  • Will not produce sedement or block nozzles
  • High 10% Nitrogen strength


40-60 Ltr per Ha for Standard Courses

30-40 Ltr per Ha for Links Courses

(Applying 30Ltr per hectare will give you 3KG of Nitrogen per hectare)

Water Volume:          700Ltr per Ha

Size : 20Ltr / 200Ltr

Pack Coverage:        20Ltr = 3333 - 6666 m²

                              200Ltr = 33,330 - 66,660 m²