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ICL Sportsmaster WSF High K (15-0-43 + 0.31%Fe)

ICL Sportsmaster WSF High K (15-0-43 + 0.31%Fe)

This product contains chelated trace elements to boost growing performance and produce efficacy stimulant, to provide additional NK ratios and a total liquid treatment in one convenient application.

  • 15-0-43+0.31%Fe
  • Contains TMax for enhanced nutrient uptake.
  • Consistent colour with no rapid tail-off.
  • Extremely safe to use due to quality nutrient sources and low Salt index.
  • Wide choice of analyses for the correct nutrition input
  • Ideal to apply prior to stressful conditions such as drought or winter.
  • Low N to high K ratio ensures maximum turf hardening with minimal growth.

Size: 15Kg

Pack coverage : 2500 - 10,000