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Vision Integral-Max

Vision Integral-Max

A range of specially formulated all-in-one turf conditioners and recovery agents designed to promote plant health, alleviate stress conditions and stimulate recovery of the plant.
This range of three liquids should be an integral part of any turf maintenance programme. The range contains a range of trace elements, surfactants, biostimulants and amino acids to provide a resilient healthy plant.

Integral will help thicken the turfgrass sward and the carbohydrates will encourage tillering rather than top growth. Iron and magnesium will ensure a strong colour response while the surfactants will aid leaf penetration and sticking allowing for low application rates.
The calcium, iron and trace elements will help strengthen and harden the plant including the cell wall making this range of products ideal for year round use as long as no
snow or frost is present.

These products are ideal for use on greens, stadiums, fairways, sportsfields and lawns.


  • Will promote plant health and alleviate turf stress
  • Contains spreading and leaf penetrant agents which enhance leaf penetration and leaf coverage
  • Trace elements added for improving turf colour and health, assists the plants physiological process
  • Carbohydrates for an imediate source of energy to the plant and will encourage rooting
  • Complexed iron to increase chlorophyll content
  • Use as part of an Integral turf maintenance programme
  • Will help thicken turf without excessive top growth
  • Provides a healthy green colour response
  • Ideal for use in areas of wear and tear
  • Can be used year round


Stress Relief Biostimulants

Integral liquids contain naturally derived simple carbohydrates, which can be utilised directly by the plant or by the soil micro-organisms.

These short chain carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, & fructose) are ideal for foliar feeding. When the plant is under considerable amounts of stress it cannot produce enough carbohydrates itself to meet demands. Integral liquids contain a source of carbohydrates to provide an immediate energy source for the plant to relieve stress

In addition, carbohydrates are an important carbon and energy source for soil microorganisms, this can stimulate microbial activities in the rhizosphere, which accelerates soil organic matter decomposition, leading to mobilization of nutrients quickly available to the plant.



  • A 9% nitrogen formulation for year round use
  • Ideal for pitch or tournament presentation
  • Will help thicken turf without excessive top growth
  • This product is ideal for stadiums where the maximum colour is required


Size: 10L & 200Ltr

  • 10Ltr Pack Coverage: 2500 m²
  • Amount of Product Required:40 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:500 Ltr/Ha