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Vision Nutri-Smart Liquid 4-4-10

Vision Nutri-Smart Liquid 4-4-10

The Nutri-Smast range of advanced liquid fertilisers formulations designed for foliar uptake and root absorption. Nutri-Smart liquids can be tank mixed to provide custom analysis if required. (See the tank mixing compatibility chart in the brochure)

  • Rapid response with leaf and root uptake
  • Optimal molecular size and structure allows more nutrients to be available longer
  • Contains humectant to improve uptake in the summer months
  • Increased chlorophyll concentration leading to improved photosynthesis
  • Contains Amino Acids to improve stress resistance
  • Contains all necessary trace elements for healthy turf
  • Phosphite helps strengthen against disease
  • Encourages deeper, healthier rooting
  • Will not produce flushed growth when applied
  • Range can be tank mixed to provide added benefits and analysis

4-4-10 contains:-


A hygroscopic substance, humectants can attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. Humectants allow foliar spray solutions to adhear to leaf surfaces, keeping the surface wetter longer, allowing increased nutrient uptake by the way of adssorption.

Amino acids

The amino acid supplements are designed to maximise the health of the turf plant during periods of turf stress. They help increase the rapid uptake of nutrients and ensure efficient utilisation. Turf quality improves due to photosynthesis and cholorphyll production. The plant will also have an increased metabolism in early and late seasons making the plant work earlier at lower temperatures. This will help in a cold spring when the different grass species grow at different rates.

Trace elements

Trace elements provide the plant with a range of important micro nutrients which help overcome any deficiencies found within the plant and increase the plants health e.g. root production and leaf strength. The comprehensive EDTA trace element package ithin Nurti-Smart liquids contains Boron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc.

Complexing, Chelating & Compatibility Agents

Nutri-Smart liquids contain organic facilitators, natural complexing and chelating agent, which ensures that nutrients are more available for uptake and translocation by the plant. The compatibility agent ensures efficient uptake and produces stable complexes over a wide pH range. This makes the ideal tank mix partner with other turf management products.


  • Trace elements including manganese and copper will help strengthen the plant resistance to seasonal pressures
  • Encourages seed germinastion and root growth
  • High potassium will help harden the plant

Size : 10Ltr / 200Ltr / IBC


Foliar application rate: 20-60Ltr per Ha in 300-500Ltr of water

Root drench application rate: 40-100Ltr per Ha in 600-900Ltr of water

Application frequency depend upon nutritional requirements; applications typically applied at 14-45 day intervals throughout the season.

The area treated by a 10Ltr pack = 1000 - 5000m²