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Vision Ultimax-SL Fortify

Vision Ultimax-SL Fortify

Vision Ultimax-SL Fortify (0-3-8)

A new generation of highly concentrated bioactive seaweed liquids which help the turf plant in a variety of ways.

A range of the highest quality seaweed extracts from Ascophyllum Nodosum, harvested from the pristine Atlantic Ocean just off South West Ireland. This seaweed is full of natural sustainable organic compounds, which help turf plants in a variety of ways.

This next generation of biostimulants are smarter, more efficient and bioactive; utilising the latest molecular tools and strategies, including DNA sequencing. This manufacturing process monitors plant-biostimulant interaction under normal and adverse growth conditions to deliver next generation performance. Put simply, our manufacturer has developed a technology akin to biological software that upgrades a plant's natural responses to specific climatic/growth challenges.

The Ultimax-SL Liquid uses a mild alkaline hydrolysis to release the most "bioactives", these bioactives are the result of long chain sugars (alginates) being transformed into shorter more active sugars / elicitors (Oligosaccharides). Academic and peer reviewed research points to these eliciting Oligosaccharides (short chain sugars) as being the true bioactives responsible for growth and stress tolerances, unlike cold extracts these bioactives are found in abundance in our proprietary extraction process. 

Oligosaccharides act as a switch by turning on a turf grass's natural metabolic and defence process, producing a healthier turf enabling it to tolerate and recover from stresses such as drought, salinity, frost etc.

The extraction process turns inhibiting polyphenols, into beneficial humic acid biostimulants. Unlike the cold process seaweed extracts which can contain high levels of polyphenols which are not broken down and can inhibit germination and plant growth. 

The main advantage in Ultimax-SL Liquids is that the extract is more soluble and are much higher concentration. The seaweed molecules are converted into much smaller highly soluble biomolecules (which do not block nozzles) when compared to other seaweed liquids on the market today. Having more of these more abundant biomolecules ensures that the product is much more concentrated and will provide more benefits from a smaller amount of product.



  • Premium 100% selected Ascophyllum nodosum extract
  • The next generation of high concentration seaweed biostimulants
  • High concentration of Bioactives, which provide all the benefits
  • Increased Bioactives v competitor products
  • Higher levels of Bioactives, humic acids and biostimulants than cold extraction seaweeds
  • Oligosaccharides switch on the turf grass's natural metabolic and defence processes
  • Stimulates healthy turf throughout the season
  • Increases rooting and fertiliser uptake
  • Promotes a healthier soil biology and aids a quicker break down of organic matter
  • Increased turf colour without excess growth
  • Natural gibberellins and auxins stimulate deep rooting and compact growth
  • Will increase the plants metabolism and photosynthesis
  • Betains thicken and strengthen cell walls increasing wear and drought tolerance
  • Natural source of trace elements
  • Improved turfgrass health, leading to increased disease resistance
  • High concentrated seaweed extracts can help alleviate the symptoms of nematode damage

Ultimax-SL Fortify

  • A 0-3-8 to fortify the plant against stress at key periods of the year
  • Readily available source of Potassium Phosphite
  • Phosphite is known to stimulate healthy growth and support the plant's natural defences
  • Increased root and shoot growth from this available form of phosphate
  • Contains 14-18% Bioactives
  • Helps improve soil biology and stimulate microbial populations

Nutrient applied at 45L / Ha         N-0 P-1.3 K-3.6

Pack size                              10L

Small Sprayer                    450ml in 5-10L water to treat 100m2

Powered Sprayer             45L in 500-1,000L water to treat 10,000m2

Pack coverage                   2,222m2

Suggested period of use:              Jan-Dec