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Vision Nutri-Smart Armour 0-22-15

Vision Nutri-Smart Armour 0-22-15

A concentrated readily available form of Potassium Phospyte. Added spreading and sticking agents are partnered with a complexing agent and 3% biostimulant based on humic acids for improved plant health.

  • Strengthens turf by increasing resistance during periods of pathogenic pressure
  • A hybrid Potassium Phosphyte, biostimulant, spreading, complexing and sticking agents
  • Can be used as part of an ITM programme.
  • Ideal to use with Vision Reflex Guard

Application rate: 5-10lts/ha
Dilution:  500lts of water

Recommended Period of Use:Year Round

Pack Size: 5Ltr

Pack Coverage: 5000-10,000 m²