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Vision Reflex Guard

Vision Reflex Guard

Vision Reflex Guard is a stand-alone disease prevention agent working by strengthening the plants natural ability to defend against disease outbreaks. This specially developed formulation is composed of nutrients with 4% Iron. Reflex Guard also utilises sulphur, manganese and zinc source, which are combined with a unique organic acid (Orange oil) wetting agent.

  • Designed to be used as part of an ITM programme
  • Reduces the risk of disease by creating an adverse environment for pathogens
  • Promotes excellent colour and nitrogen will promote recovery
  • Ideal to use with Vision Nutri-Smart Armour

Application rate: 20-40lts/ha
Dilution:  700-1000lts of water

Recommended Period of Use:Year Round

Pack Size: 5Ltr

Pack Coverage: 1250-2500 m²