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J Range Grass Seed

J Range Grass Seed

For over 175 years Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures have been helping to produce quality sports turf with an unequalled reputation for technical excellence, reflecting the standards set by the people who use them.



  • Only high quality seed and cultivars are used
  • Contain "Gro Max" seed treatment for improved establishment
  • Some mixes have "iseed" nutrient coating
  • The range includes "Double 4turf tetraploid ryegrasses" for fast establishment and stress tolerance


 Mixes include:-


J Green

J Ultrafine Rye Green

J All Bent

J Fescue

J Links

J Premier Tee

J Nitro Premier Tee

J Ultrafine Rye 100

J Fairway

J Premier Fairway

J Sustain Fairway

J Rye Fairway

J Roughs

J Premier Wicket

J Nitro Premier Wicket

J Premier Pitch

J Premier 4Turf 25

J 4Turf 50

J 4Turf 100

J Rescue Stadia

J Multi Sport