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Vision Moscure

Vision Moscure

A liquid iron for use in the autumn and early spring for rapid greening up and hardening of turf with the added benefit of deterring moss.

Iron sulphate has for many years been a useful tool for managing turf, it brings rapid colour, hardening turf and helping to lessen the impact of disease. High concentrations of iron sulphate can reduce the severity of moss in turf. With the loss of worm suppressants thereis increased problems from worm casts on turf. The acidification of the upper root zone can reduce the activity of casting worms. Moscure will lower surface pH and
can be a useful part of an integrated pest management programme. 

Moscure is a complex of iron sulphate with unique surfactants that allows the iron to enter the plants rapidly but without blackening the turf. Where moss is present it will discolour over a period of a few days. If there is significant moss in the sward it is advisable to scarify or rake out the debris to allow the sward to knit back and fill the gaps. The application of an autumn and winter fertiliser will further enhance recovery of the grasses.
Moscure contains a small amount of nitrogen to help the grass recolonize areas affected by moss invasion. 


  • Gives rapid green up
  • Nitrogen aids turf recovery
  • Hardens turf increasing tolerance to disease and cold stress 
  • Deters moss
  • Corrects iron deficiencies
  • Reduces the surface pH helping to suppress casting worm activity 
  • Low application rates
  • Economical to use
  • Not to be used on hard surfaces due to staining

 Size: 5 Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:1250 m²
  • Amount of Product Required:40 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:500 - 700 Ltr/Ha