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Quick-drain is a high performance drainage system that, once installed, allows rain water to rapidly drain from the playing surface and away into the drainage system.

It consists a dimpled plastic core which is completely wrapped in a highly permeable geotextile filter fabric. It is specifically designed to replace traditional methods used for creating drainage channels which utilise perforated pipe and filter stone. The outer textile wrap ensure that fines cannot enter the core preventing the system from clogging.

Quick-drain is just 25mm wide and can easily be installed in a trench just 35mm wide. This results in less disturbance of the playing surface than encountered with laying pipes and gravel and also less materials to remove from the facility. The slit trenches are backfilled with sharp sand and provide long-term drainage performance. This narrow trench installation technique also means that the playing surface can be put back into use immediately after installation.

Quick-drain is suitable for use in all existing grass surfaces including playing fields and amenity area, football, rugby, cricket pitches, lawns, golf bunkers and around the golf course.

Quickdrain profile

Benefits of Quick-drain:-

  • Quick-drain is a compact, lightweight and can be carried by hand allowing access to inaccessible areas and minimising vehicle movements on the playing surface.
  • Using Quick-drain greatly reduces material movements both to and from site.
  • Playing surfaces can be put back into action almost as soon as installation is complete.
  • Quick-drain is quick and simple to install.
  • Using Quick-drain gives factory quality performance.
  • High crush strength means Quick-drain can be installed in shallow trenches resulting in less disruption and less material to remove from site.
  • Quick-drain requires little or no gradient to perform effectively.
  • Offers a cost effective solution to the efficient drainage of sports pitches and other sporting venues.


Roll Size: 150mm x 50mtr