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Rufford Ecozone Green Compost

Rufford Ecozone Green Compost

EcoZone is an innovative new blend of fine sand and green compost, ideal for use as a rootzone material for construction of fine turf rootzone playing surfaces. It’s easier on the environment than conventional rootzones as it utilises a sustainable organic amendment in a place of soil and is free of peat. Green compost provides a range of other benefits over and above soil. To begin with it has a higher organic matter content and provides more nutrients, especially nitrogen and potassium. Its microbial activity helps to suppress certain turf diseases and it can also improve water holding capacity. And finally, green compost is manufactured product (produced to PAS 100) which means greater predictability and consistency.

Ecozone also carries the benifits of lignite drawn from WBB Minerals' unique Bovey Basin reserves in Devon. This is added to the green compost to form a patented growth medium. This will give enhanced water holding capacity, the humic and fulvic acid produced by lignite supports the microbial activity of the green compost in helping to suppress some turf diseases*


  • Ideal for fine turf rootzone playing surfaces
  • Consistent quality year round
  • Helps suppress disease
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Helps seed germination
  • Ideal for Local Authority recycling targets

*The product is not a pesticide. However it contains low levels of naturally-occuring soil organisms which may help to supress soil-borne populations of some plant diseases.

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