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Rufford Bunkermaster Bunkersand

Rufford Bunkermaster Bunkersand

Rufford Bunkermaster has been specifically designed for new bunker construction and compatible amelioration with other sands including Moneystone (OMR). Not all sands when
ameliorated will give optimum performance eg. A typical 35 grade sand when mixed may cause plugging and instability under foot.

This sand can be used as a stand alone bunker sand and it has also been designed to be compatible with Rufford Oakamoor (Moneystone) Bunkersand.

The main mactors considered when designing Rufford Bunkermaster were as follows:-

  • pH (Sand splash)
  • Crusting potential
  • Particle size distribution
  • High purity sand
  • Playing quality
  • Infiltration rate