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Terralift Rocastem

Terralift Rocastem

A liquid treatment for aerating the root-zone and invigorating the indigenous microbial population.

Aeration of the rootzone is essential for better and more consistent playing surfaces. While traditional mechanical actions help, it's worth remembering that coring only targets around 3% of the rootzone with each pass. Rocastem works at microscopic level to hit and help the 90% of the rootzone you won't get mechanically, adding real value to all your mechanical aeration activities throughout the year.

Rocastem has 4 actions:-

  • De-compacts the rootzone by draining excess water and freeing silts, clays and fine sands
  • Increases water percolation of trapped water to maximize soil aeration and root extension
  • Encourages indigenous microflora consumption of excess organic matter
  • Provides plant stimulus to pull grass through close mowing, heavy play and climatic stress


  • Reduces surface compaction
  • Cleanes-up clogging organic matter
  • A liquid aerator and root stimulator designed to help the 90% of the rootzone you miss with mechanical aeration
  • Firms turf surfaces and opens soils to clear toxic rootzone gas build up
  • Drier warmer greens into winter and earlier growth into spring
  • Increases water percolation while keeping optimum moisture retention in the upper rootzone

Size: 10Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:10,000 m²
  • Amount of Product Required:10 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:250+ Ltr/Ha