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Terralift Soilfix Amendment

Terralift Soilfix Amendment

The soilfix range improves the performance of sportsturf by improving rootzone base saturation and / or key elemental levels.

Ca / Mg - Apply to boost both Ca and Mg in the base saturation where soil pH is between 5.2 and 7.5. The low leach factor of soilfix and the fact that Ca only translocates up the plant makes soilfix granules far more valuable to grass than liquid / foliar applied Ca materials.

Mg+ - Apply to boost magnesium in soil at any pH.

MnB - Apply to boostmanganese soil levels by 10ppm and boron by 0.3ppm

High pH Ca - Contains calcium soluble in high pH soils (7.2+), also contains magnesium.

Low pH Ca - Contains mostly water insoluble calcium that will slowly dissolve into free-calcium in acidic soils, also buffers low pH


Size: 20Kg

  • Pack Coverage:1000 m²