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Energise G

Energise G



Energise G has a unique carbon matrix incorporating a high concentration of organic acids, specifically humic acid, which improves the plant's ability to take up vital nutrients and improves root development.



Humates are the highly biograded and compressed remains of plant and animal materials that have fossilized over a period of millions of years.



  • Energise G encourages a deeper root system by stimulating cell elongation and increasing pore space in the soil to enhance aeration and water percolation.
  • Energise G has the highest guaranteed combined humic acid, organic matter and available carbon on the market.
  • Menefee Humate is mined from a rich deposit freshwater source, therefore does not contain high salt levels like other mined humates.
  • Energise G is easy to handle, blend and apply
  • It's Humic and Fulvic acids stimulate biological activity in the soil and help soil retain water
  • Energise G Improves fertiliser and nutrient uptake reducing requirements and cutting back leaching losses
  • Energise G has a wide variety of Agricultural, Ornamental and Turf uses
  • Energise G stimulates microbial activity, enhances uptake of vital nutrients, enhances root development, improves soil structure, improves resistance to stress, promotes residue (thatch) decomposition and promotes a healthier, stronger sward.


Menefee Humates are non-toxic and non-corrosive so Energise G is Environmentally Friendly and safe for all uses.



 Energise G works in the following ways:-

  1. As a microbial stimulator, it provides a rich food source for soil micro-organisms in the form of a unique carbon source not normally found in turf soils.
  2. The organic acids assist the release of vital nutrients and enzymes that are locked up in the soil and this makes them more available to plants.
  3. By encouraging a deeper root system by stimulating cell elongation and increasing pore space in the soil to enhance aeration and water percolation.
  4. By stimulating bacterial activity Energise G promotes rapid breakdown of organic matter giving improved control of thatch.
  5. By acting as an organic chelating agent, Energise G enhances nutrient uptake in plants.




It is important to use Energise G correctly to achieve the best results.  Energise does not replace any source of nutrients - it simply makes the nutrients you have work better. Best results are produced when Energise G is used with a balanced fertilization program.


Energise G can be used on a variety of sports and amenity turf areas - and in a number of applications, e.g:-

  1. as part of a preparation process for seeding or turfing
  2. as a straight dressing to established grass areas
  3. as a constituent of a balanced top dressing


Energise G can be applied at any time of the year, however best results are achieved when applications are made from spring through to autumn when the soil is moist and growing conditions are good.


  • Contains 60% Humic acids
  • Contains Menefee Humate
  • Enhances root development


Size: 22.68Kg

  • Pack Coverage:910 m²