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Everris / Scotts Black Onyx

Everris / Scotts Black Onyx

Black Onyx lake and pond colorant is a high concentrated colorant that helps create the unique natural look of black water lakes and ponds favoured in golf courses and resort locations.

  • Creates a detrimental environment for Algae formulation.
  • The appearance of ornamental water features, water gardens, and other contained bodies of water will be enhanced by the use of Black Onyx.
  • Will transform pale, off-coloured water to a decorative, mirror-likeable colour.
  • Currently used at prestigious sporting events in the USA.
  • Comes in water-soluble packets; no mess, easy to use; instant effect.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal waste packaging.

Size: (16 x WSP)

Pack Coverage: 1 x XSP treats 2500m²