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Vision Hydroguard

Vision Hydroguard

This proprietary blend of soil surfactant technology is designed to be used as a preventative. It will provide uniform re-wetting and the ideal water to air ratio in the rootzone to prevent dry patch and hydrophobic soils.
The added Biostimulants will help the plant cope with increased stress resistance and root boosting stimulation.


  • More than just a soil surfactant; a comprehensive water and stress relief management tool
  • Blend of soil surfactants chain lengths to increase the longevity and the cumulative treatment effect
  • Uniform wetting of the rootzone to provide the perfect balance of water to air ratio
  • Creates a firmer playing surface with less moisture held in the thatch layer
  • Longer lasting effective treatment
  • Triple action surfactant formulation, preventative, curative and water conservation properties 
  • Treatment of dry patch, water repellency and associated symptoms
  • Contains L-form amino acids for increased stress resistance and improved seed germination
  • Ideal for links courses as amino acids will help the plant cope with salinity problems
  • Contains RSi (Root Stimulant and Improver) biostimulant to increase vigour, root depth and root length
  • Increased rate of photosynthesis
  • Safe and beneficial to soil microbes
  • Penetrant technology keeps the upper playing surface firm, whilst maintaining uniform re-wetting of the rootzone 
  • Dew dispersal post application 


Surfactant Technology

Vision Hydroguard surfactant formulation provides preventative, curative and water conservation propertiesin any rootzone type.
Vision Hydroguard contains a specific blend of wetting agent technologies, these include spreading and penetrating agents to allow water to evenly spread and treat the most hydrophobic rootzone, this action ensures the product is distributed uniformly within the soil profile and will provide the correct consistent moisture to air ratio in the rootzone.
The penetration ability of Hydroguard ensures the product enters the rootzone efficiently and does not bind itself strongly to the organic matter in the top of the thatch layer like other surfactant chemistries. This in turn creates a firmer playing surface with less moisture held in the thatch layer.

The blend of premium concentrated surfactants has been designed to be applied on a monthly basis; the chemistry forms strong lasting bonds with hydrophobic soil or sand
particles ensuring the area remains receptive to water in the future.
The spreading and penetrant agents are combined with an innovative residual wetting agent, which corrects water management issues within the rootzone enabling a
longer period of water conservation by retaining moisture through prolonged drought periods.

The three surfactants combined also achieve total water management by Increasing water efficiency ensuring water is deeply penetrated into the rootzone, reducing surface run off and therefore less evaporation of applied water.
Hydroguard contains a range of high molecular mass chemistries that are resistant to being flushed out of the rootzone by irrigation water, which enables the chemistry to perform more consistently over a longer period. This ensures correct water management within the rootzone enabling a longer period of water conservation and stress reduction on the turfgrass.


Biostimulants (RSi)

RSi biostimulant contains L-Form amino acids, the addition of L amino acids allows the plant to save energy during periods of stress and can function as normal.
Energy is not diverted to other areas ensuring a healthier plant. By applying early in the season, it is possible to precondition the plant prior to any stress and it will allow the plant to work more effectively at lower temperatures.
The amino acids help increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to an increased level of photosynthesis; amino acids also help the leaf stomata function more efficiently reducing transpiration and plant water loss.
This makes Hydroguard Ideal for links courses, as the amino acids work within the plant to improve water and nutrient uptake by balancing osmotic potential, minimizing the impact of stress caused by high EC environments.
The unique biostimulant within Hydroguard also contains a systemic blend of simple carbohydrates and natural trace elements, this results in significant increase in root
length and root hair development, which greatly increases the root mass. A greater root mass greatly increases the area available for absorption of water and other materials.
In addition, turf uses its roots as a reservoir to store water for its own use, if you can increase the plants rootmass (water reservoir) the plant has the ability to hold and store more water, which is vital during periods of drought. This leads to a more drought resilient plant, by increasing rootmass the plant is able to absorb greater quantities of nutrients and this leads to a stronger stress resistant plant.


Size: 5 / 20 / 120 /200 / 1000Ltr

  • Pack Coverage:5Ltr - 2500 / 20Ltr - 20,000 / 120Ltr - 60,000 / 200Ltr - 100,000m²
  • Amount of Product Required:20 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:600-1000 Ltr/Ha