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Vision Hydrosolve

Vision Hydrosolve
Hydrosolve is a curative surfactant, which has a unique blend of surfactants and organic acids.

These are specifically designed to remove the cause of water repellency issues in areas of localized dry patch and remove waxy mycelium deposits from fairy rings.

Water repellency is caused by the waxy lipids that coat sand and soil particles making them hydrophobic. Hydrosolve works directly on the buildup of these hydrophobic waxes and lipids coating the soil particles as it contains an organic acid. These acids act with a mild cleansing action on the hydrophobic coatings, increasing the number of sites available for re-hydrating.
Hydrosolve contains surfactants that keep these hydrophobic materials in solution, hence
they cannot re-attach themselves back to the sand or soil particles and can then be flushed
through the rootzone; removing this build up and reinstating the soils natural water holding capacity. In addition the surfactants will also restore the rootzones optimal moisture levels.
  • A rapid long lasting, effective curative treatment
  • Acts directly on the cause of dry patch
  • Reduces grass wilt and aids recovery of stressed turf
  • Use as part of a dry patch management program with Hydroguard wetting agent
  • Extremely safe to all types of turfgrass
  • Safe to soil microbes
  • Ideal for hydrophobic environments caused by fairy rings.

Hydrosolve can be applied at any time of the year. For best results use in early spring before starting with a wetting agent programme with Hydroguard and apply in autumn after final wetting agent treatment. Application rate 20Ltr per Ha in 600-1000Ltr of water; ensure sufficient irrigation is applied to assist the flushing process.

Fairy Rings

For Fairy Rings spike the rings to a depth of the mycelium in the soil plus 2cm. The holes should be very close together and should be made 10cm either side of the ring, as well as in the green ring itself.
Irrigate the turf for 5 minutes, apply Hydrosolve at 20Ltrper Ha rate and leave to stand for 1 hour. Repeat this process to ensure the ring has had a thorough soakingwith Hydrosolve. Finally irrigate/drench using a hosepipe until water floods on the surface, then leave to soak in.

This process helps to break the water repellency ofthe fairy ring mycelium.

Size: 5Ltr

  • Pack Coverage: 5Ltr - 2500m²
  • Amount of Product Required:20 Ltr/Ha
  • Water Volume Required:600-1000 Ltr/Ha