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Salt Spreader Starter Kit

Salt Spreader Starter Kit

Ev-n-Spread 2040Pi + 5 x Bags of Rock Salt


Ev-n-Spred® 2040Pi Plus puts professional quality and features in a smaller lighter weight, partially assembled package. Specifically designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt, dry sand and other high volume application products on smaller areas.


  • High Speed gearbox
  • 22 cm high-flotation pneumatic tyres on rustproof poly rims
  • 30 kg Hopper capacity - rustproof poly construction
  • Solid rod on/off control linkage


Rock salt for winter de-icing, ensures maximum safety in icy conditions. Rock Salt is suitable for use on car parks, roads, paths around the club house. Available in robust bags for ease of handling. This high purity de-icing rock salt is the preferred option for winter gritting.